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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dwerve?

Dwerve is a singleplayer tower-defense dungeon crawler RPG in which the player assumes the role of a dwarven Warsmith, or war-engineer, named Dwerve. Armed with turrets and traps, our hero adventures into dungeons crawling with dwarf-thirsty fiends to hack 'em to pieces and burn 'em to ash.

Dwerve sheds a strategic light on role-playing games by introducing real-time tactical tower-defense combat to the rich storytelling, exploration, looting, upgrading, and questing of dungeon crawler RPGs.

TL;DR: The Legend of Zelda meets Kingdom Rush.

So it's basically a 2D Orcs Must Die?

Yes, but no! Aside from having beautiful 2D pixel graphics, Dwerve removes hack 'n slash combat altogether making tactical turret and trap placement the central part of the combat system - so the turrets and traps do the hacking 'n slashing for ya! Aside from the real-time tactical combat, Dwerve plays much like many fantasy RPGs you know and love!

Who's developing Dwerve?

Dwerve is being developed by Half Human Games, aka PJ Legendre and Peter Milko! To read more about our game studio, check out our press kit.

What's the release date?

No release date yet.

What platforms will Dwerve be available on?

PC, but we're still considering other platforms.

How much will it cost?

No price yet.

Will Dwerve have controller support?

Yes, definitely!

Will it have multiplayer?

Probably not since multiplayer requires a lot of time and adds a lot of complexity to game development.

What languages will Dwerve be available in?

English, but we're still considering other languages.

What game engine is being used for development?

We use Unity!

What if my question isn't asked here?

Ask us on Discord in the #general_discussion channel or on our Forum.